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zhongjin 4899cbc634
更新 ''
1 year ago
Nasa2FGearthview FGmeta/Nasa2FGearthview 5 years ago
catalog Update catalog compatability versions 3 years ago
changes-in-dat-files/apt.dat Add directory changes-in-dat-files/apt.dat with two patches for apt.dat 7 years ago
compile-scripts Tweaks to my Mac build script. 7 years ago
dev-utils minor changes 3 years ago
fg-from-scratch Final 'white text' version 5 years ago
fgaddon Better stats for and set exec 4 years ago
fgdata@5981eb11fc track submodule changes for release 4 years ago
fgrun@3fb3be1935 track submodule changes for release 8 years ago
flightgear@cbf1f3494a track submodule changes for release 4 years ago
getstart@4204eb38e7 track submodule changes for release 4 years ago
i18n i18n: move the scripts to the top-level 'i18n' directory 4 years ago
python3-flightgear declare plural forms for the Turkish language 2 years ago
release_builder Remove more files from the base package 3 years ago
simgear@3075b8bcc4 track submodule changes for release 4 years ago
windows - setupimg.bmp - new last page screen 3 years ago
windows-3rd-party@790648cd69 Submdoule updates. 7 years ago
ws30 Include more railway features, don't add tunnels 2 years ago
.gitattributes replace manually set version with the Git blob ID 7 years ago
.gitignore Add script to create base package and update TXZ 3 years ago
.gitmodules Switch to relative submodule URLs 6 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Replace old gitorious urls with new locations 9 years ago
FlightGear-files.iss Windows: Install openxr_loader.dll 2 years ago
FlightGear-i18n.iss - #2524 - ported changes from release installer to next branch ( 3 years ago
FlightGear.iss - #2524 - fix of FlightGear-files.iss include (after defines) 3 years ago macOS: Use different bundle identifiers for nightly builds 4 years ago 更新 '' 1 year ago AppImage: more tweaks to Linux build 3 years ago Set executable flag on build_release_* scripts 9 years ago
build_release_windows.bat Windows installer: don't copy compiler runtime 2 years ago Parse new NOAA METAR index page format 8 years ago remove some unnecessary quoting 1 year ago fgdata_checkers: update comments 8 years ago Add helper script to fix macOS libEvent packaging 2 years ago Tweak Mac Jenkins script to optionally use OpenAL-soft 2 years ago
hudson_mac_package_release.rb Add libevent to packaging list 2 years ago
installWinDeps.bat Implement the necessary change for the new FGData for Linux and Windows 9 years ago Update post-upload to support more file suffixes 3 years ago Update macoS/Win build scripts for symbol uploading 4 years ago Downloads scripts 4 years ago Add the git-mirror script uses on Jenkins 5 years ago
version Update version information 4 years ago
webhooks.xml Introduce post-commit webhook 10 years ago