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📦 BigBlueButton 2.5 Docker

Version: 2.5.8 | Changelog | Issues


  • Easy installation
  • Greenlight included
  • TURN server included
  • Fully automated HTTPS certificates
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Runs on any major linux distributon (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS,...)

What is not implemented yet

  • bbb-lti


  1. Install docker-ce & docker-compose
    1. follow instructions
    2. Ensure docker works with $ docker run hello-world
    3. Install docker-compose:
    4. Ensure docker-compose works and that you use a version ≥ 1.28 : $ docker-compose --version
  2. Clone this repository
    $ git clone --recurse-submodules bbb-docker
    $ cd bbb-docker
    # use the more stable main branch (sometimes older)
    $ git checkout main 
  3. Run setup:
    $ ./scripts/setup
  4. (optional) Make additional configuration adjustments
    $ nano .env
    # always recreate the docker-compose.yml file after making any changes
    $ ./scripts/generate-compose
  5. Start containers:
    $ docker-compose up -d
  6. If you use greenlight, you can create an admin account with:
    $ docker-compose exec greenlight bundle exec rake admin:create

Further How-To's